Meridian breaks ground on Primary Care Clinic and receives $30,000 from the County.


“To be involved in renovating the space for this new clinic is an honor. Creating the right environment for the clinic to function at maximum performance is our goal. We believe that patients will receive a level of care they have never before experienced and that this will have a positive impact for each person Meridian treats.” Ivan Oelrich, President, Oelrich Construction, Inc.

Meridian’s Primary Clinic will be one of only a select few in the state of Florida and will offer primary heathcare to those who would otherwise go without.

“Alachua County is proud to be a long time partner and supporter of Meridian. We are glad to be able to contribute to this important new primary care project that will greatly benefit our citizens.”  County Commission Chair Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson commented.

President and CEO of Meridian, Maggie Labarta, PhD stated “We are very pleased with the support from staff and the community in creating a health home at Meridian. The funds raised from individual donors and staff contributions, along with today’s commitment from Alachua County, moves us closer to opening our doors.”

Labarta goes on to say “Primary care that is coordinated with treatment for mental health and substance use disorders has been a longstanding challenge for patients at Meridian.  With funding from the legislature – which we hope will continue into the future – we can now create a model program.  We hope the community will continue to provide support – and donations to help us in this effort.”

This program will provide Meridian clients with serious mental illnesses and addictions the ability to receive integrated mental health and primary health care – in a setting that understands their unique needs and ensures coordination of all health requirements.

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