Will Gainesville workers give up their cars?

Will Gainesville workers give up their cars?  City and county officials are betting they will.  They’re planning what’s called a bus rapid transit system that, they say, will make the area a leader in reducing traffic congestion.

But three big questions need to be answered.

Why Did GPD Remodeling Triple in Cost?

A $3.5 million remodeling for the Gainesville Police Department Headquarters hasn’t worked out as planned, and project is now expected to run about $10 million.

What’s more, the project may become a complete tear down, with the city constructing a new building from scratch.

Is North 13th Street Rebirth Around the Corner?

A New York developer plans an eight-story retail, office and housing project where Orange and Blue textbooks and a military recruiting station are located.

The developer says that the area is a primed for revitalization and that parents will pay premium rents for their sons and daughters to live close to campus.



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