Who Won Our Power Lunch?

Meet Eric Taylor, the winner of our first Power Lunch to Emiliano’s Café.

Name: Eric Taylor

Where he works: T5 Tech/MonkeyWish

What his company does: Mobile App Development

Title: President & CFO

What he actually does: Business development and financial operations for T5 Tech (the parent company) and MonkeyWish.com (their signature product).

How long he’s been working there? Since April of this year (2012).

Fun fact: After 16 years as a real estate developer and broker, he started a tech development company alongside his wife, Kristi.

Why he reads The Biz Report: I have been a subscriber for just over a year and I love to keep up with all the business stories going on around Gainesville. I have deep interest in the real estate business as well as all of the stories of innovative tech startup companies

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