Very first Checkers and Rally's “Model 4.0” design prototype now open in Gainesville


The Gainesville Checkers located near UF’s campus at 3325 W University Ave was selected by the company, which operates Checkers & Rally’s restaurant locations nationwide, to be the very first location to undergo remodeling toward the chain’s new design prototype, Checkers & Rally’s Model 4.0.

Checkers & Rally’s Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer Jennifer Durham said this specific Gainesville location was decided upon because of the strength of the store’s team and how well the location performed in 2016, as well as because Durham, herself, is a loyal Gator. “There may have been a bit of bias in there, in the decision,” joked Durham.

Durham went on to say that the entire Checkers & Rally’s executive team is confident that the right decision was made in choosing this Gainesville store as their first Model 4.0 location. “We have great confidence in putting our dollars into this location as it performs well and has a team that was in a great place operationally. It’s a highly visited, highly visible location for both visitors headed into Gainesville as well as students and other residents,” said Durham.

Construction on the remodel began on November 28, 2016, and the store was closed from that date through December 4. The location reopened on December 5, with renovations continuing on the structure’s exterior. Completion of the remodel is expected by the first week of January, 2017, and a Grand Opening event will follow shortly after.

“We are really excited about our new design prototype and about the Gainesville location, and I just know this will be an even greater performing store going forward,” said Durham.

By Rebecca Wentworth

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