UF’s CHREC Awarded Prize

The National Science Foundation’s Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC), headquartered at the University of Florida, was recently awarded the 2012 Alexander Schwarzkopf Prize for Technology Innovation for the research and development of Novo-G, the world’s most powerful reconfigurable supercomputer. The award recognizes those who have fostered collaboration between industry and universities.

“It’s the prototype for a whole new series of adaptive computing machines that industry leaders can build and develop for their own use,” said CHREC director Alan George, who is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at UF, in a press release.

The award also recognizes the CHREC’s success in “pushing the relationship between academic research and industry as an NSF center,” according to the release. CHREC is one of about 50 such centers in the U.S.

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