UF to reinstate vehicle-restricted area on campus

UF to reinstate vehicle-restricted area on campus

Starting in January, the University of Florida will reinstate road restrictions that reduce vehicular traffic in the academic core of campus.

The restrictions, designed to improve pedestrian safety, will begin Jan. 9 during peak traffic hours between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays when classes are in session. The four entry points to the vehicle-restricted zone will be visibly marked with a sign and flashing red light. 

Prohibited vehicles include: 

  • All privately owned motor vehicles, including personal cars, scooters, motorcycles and those with official business passes
  • Vehicles with temporary signage, such as pizza delivery vehicles
  • Rideshare vehicles, such as Uber, Lyft, etc. 

Authorized vehicles include: 

  • Transit vehicles 
  • Government vehicles  
  • Emergency vehicles 
  • Permanently and conspicuously marked commercial vehicles, such as UPS, FedEx etc. 
  • Bicycles and micromobility devices (unless otherwise indicated in specific areas) 
  • Official university vehicles, including golf carts and other utility vehicles  

These vehicle restrictions will be enforced by the University of Florida Police Department. After an initial educational phase beginning on Jan. 3, officers will move into the warning phase on Jan. 16. Officers will shift to the enforcement phase on Jan. 23. Although law enforcement efforts will primarily focus on education, repeated violations may result in citations to encourage compliance with traffic laws. 

restrictions, designed to improve pedestrian safety

The campus community is encouraged to review the map below, which illustrates the vehicle-restricted zone entry points, along with alternative routes of travel.  

The restricted zone will include: 

  • Stadium Road, beginning at the intersection of Fletcher Drive eastbound 
  • Newell Drive, beginning at the intersection of Inner Road northbound 
  • Union Road, beginning at Criser Hall westbound 
  • Buckman Drive, beginning at Buckman Hall southbound 

Additionally, the UF campus closures map can serve as a resource for navigating campus during active vehicle-restricted zone times. The site provides information and time frames for all current campus construction impacts. 

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