UF Seeks New Ways to Improve the Turnover and Retention Rate

As a way to improve the new hire process and retention rate, the University of Florida’s Human Resource Research Center (HRRC) is collaborating with the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce to engage with member businesses and their employees. New employee turnover is a widespread problem and the most expensive kind of turnover. After having to invest in recruitment, relocation and on-boarding, the cost of hiring a new employee can become inefficient and time consuming. To help assess new employee adjustment, the HRRC would like to survey new employees and their supervisors on their reaction to the workplace as well as employee outcomes, such as job satisfaction and performance.

“This project will help businesses in the Gainesville community assess and understand the effectiveness of their on-boarding processes for new hires and subsequent new employee adjustment to the workplace,” said Jackie Koopmann, Ph.D. Candidate, Management at UF’s Warrington College of Business Administration. “Knowledge about how well companies are doing with new employees can translate to improvements and cost reductions in hiring and turnover as well as workforce stability in the Gainesville community.”

In past studies, research has shown that new employees determine whether they see themselves growing in the organization within their first 90 day probationary period. In effort to discover more effective methods to increase retention rates, the Chamber strongly encourages businesses of all sizes to participate in this study.  Take this opportunity to find out what the best practices are to administer when working with new hires.


The Chamber understands the value of working as a team and bringing on top talent. Help continue to retain local talent and grow our business community into 2013. If your company is interested in participating and for more information, please contact Jackie Koopmann at jackie.koopmann@warrington.ufl.edu.


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