UF rolls out university-wide rebranding campaign: For the Gator Good

University of Florida is changing its message.

On Aug. 29, UF rolled out a new branding campaign called “For the Gator Good.”

According to a statement from Vice President of University Relations Jane Adams, “For the Gator Good” is designed to replace The Gator Nation campaign — launched about a decade ago.

Adams said Gator Good is a “refreshed branding campaign” that centers around the global and person-to-person impacts Gators can have.

In contrast with The Gator Nation campaign, which focused on the prevalence of UF alumni across the globe, “For the Gator Good” looks at the altruistic impacts of UF faculty and students.

“The campaign is not just about us,” Adams said in the statement.

On the Gator Good website, www.gatorgood.ufl.edu, UF’s flagship orange and blue colors appear muted and evoke a nearly nostalgic feel. Thumbnails of filtered, square-cropped photos reminiscent of Instagram invite visitors to click to read stories of how UF affiliates have touched lives.

The campaign also encourages students and alumni to take to Twitter with the hashtag #GatorGood to show their support as the fall semester kicks off. Banners advertising “#GatorGood” are already installed across campus.

UF will be nationally debuting the first 30-second commercial for the new campaign on ESPNU during the Aug. 30 game against Idaho, but can be seen currently on YouTube.

National public relations and branding agency 160/90 created the campaign. The agency opened a branch in Gainesville in October of last year primarily to handle UF-related accounts.

Kimberly Hallman, a spokeswoman for 160/90, said the theory behind this campaign is a spin on the phrase “for the greater good.” Taking a broader stance to look at global impacts of the UF community was the goal, she said.

“The idea for the campaign was really not so much to show off the campus, how beautiful it is, or the athletics,” she said, “but to turn the lens of the camera away from the campus itself.”

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