UF Executive Health Maximizes Efficiency in Assessing Employee Health

With hospitals providing continuing quality improvements and advancements in patient care, medical technology, new product developments, and burgeoning high technology in general; a healthcare area that is on the front lines of highly specialized advanced care: Executive Health.

The University of Florida’s Douglas Williams Executive Health Program (UF Executive Health) delivers comprehensive and personalized diagnostics coupled with same-day consultations. Affiliated with the internationally known and highly rated UF Health, business leaders and professionals have access to an array of specialized medical and testing equipment plus a variety of examinations.

As you walk through the main entrance door, you are greeted not only by a receptionist, but you are surrounded by a comfortable yet sophisticated and modern décor as well.

Physicals are customized based on age, gender, medical history, and other risk factors. You will be asked to fill out a comprehensive medical history questionnaire in advance of your visit. Pre-visit, the physician and assistants will go over the answers and statements, make sure they address any concerns and prioritize what they are going to do on the day of your visit. Consultations not only include test results and present state of the person going through the sessions, but prevention counseling is covered. The program brings to bear the latest technological advances in health care screenings and concierge health. Devices used for evaluation, analysis, assessment, and overall examination are Audiometer machine, Metabolic Analyzer, Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine. Cardiac stress and vital signs tests, and relaxation massage are conducted. This list is not all-inclusive.

An average day of testing is typically eight hours; and the offering is a full range of advanced diagnostic services to detect life-threatening conditions and extend life through prevention or early intervention, all in one productive and efficient day.

“Our goal is to have a strong positive impact on your health and wellbeing through medical care and user-friendly lifestyle modification” states Henrique Kallas, MD, Medical Director of UF Executive Health. Along with substantial time with Dr. Kallas, you will have consultations with an athletic trainer and a nutritionist, and other specialties as recommended.

A national trend in health care, led by major hospitals and medical centers, is executive health, and the University of Florida’s Douglas Williams Executive Health Program, located in Gainesville, Florida is a leader. Furthermore, the program isn’t just a trend. The return on investment enhances the participant’s work life and professional life many times, giving added value to both the individual and employer.

Upon program completion, patients receive all test results, plans for managing any problems or diseases, prevention guidelines, diet program, procedures for routine health maintenance, exercise and lifestyle recommendations. All of this information is then placed into an Executive Health folder which remains with the patient. The program doesn’t replace primary care physicians. As a matter of fact, results are shared with your PCP.

Thus, your primary physician will consult with Executive Health and take action with regards to your health as appropriate.

The UF Executive Health Program is located at 2000 SW Archer Road, Suite 4164, Gainesville, Florida 32608. Telephone (352) 265-8262. Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

By Michael W. Robinson

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