Trimark Opens Two Properties Near Campus

By Bradley Osburn

Trimark Properties, which owns almost 40 luxury apartment communities centered around the University of Florida campus, unveiled two finished apartment complexes, totaling 58 new units, on Thursday during a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Solaria1024 Luxury Apartments and Greystone Luxury Apartments are located just east of campus, about a block and a half behind Norman Hall on Sixth and Seventh Avenue.

Solaria, which is a 25-unit, Spanish-styled tenement with mosaic tiles and terracotta clay decoration built around an old Live Oak tree in the center of its courtyard, filled its units before the complex was complete.

Greystone, which has also filled its units, is billed as historic luxury built around the original apartments.  Located half a block east of Solaria, Greystone contains 25 new units and 8 historic renovations.

The first year’s leases will last from August through July 2014, according to Aubrey Morey, the vice president of sales and marketing for Trimark. Apartments in both complexes are rented for about $700 per bedroom, and units range from studio apartments to four-bedroom apartments.

“It’s within walking distance of the sororities and UF,” she said. “And midtown, which is kind of becoming its own little city.”

Trimark is also working on a new complex for students and young professionals, called Savion Park, at the southern edge of Innovation Square. Savion is expected be complete by August 2014. The complex is designed to evoke a more New York and Central Park feel, Morey said.

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