Tioga Town Center continues to expand while staying true to its roots

Located just west of Gainesville, Tioga Town Center is a 24-acre, mixed-use town center, with 300,000 square-feet of retail and office space and 40 luxury residential units.

Because of its vibrant and family-friendly atmosphere, Tioga Town Center is becoming Alachua County’s go-to destination for living, working and relaxing.

In spring of 2017, the Hankin Group, a commercial and residential property developer based in Pennsylvania, purchased Tioga Town Center.

Three of the group’s partners, Sam, Richard, and Michael Hankin, have ties to Alachua County and the Gainesville area. Sam and Richard Hankin are University of Florida alumni, and Michael Hankin, the COO, grew up in Gainesville and attended Gainesville High School, making the nostalgic location of Tioga an appealing quality.

Since the paperwork was signed, the Hankin Group has been working on some ideas for new development of the area.

Already, the property has two areas for new buildings that are ready for construction, in addition to more raw land that has potential for new development. The two areas that are construction-ready will be similar to the World of Beer location that already exists in the center, and will go up near the amphitheater.

The southwest region of the property, where the playground is currently located, could also be repurposed as potential building space. But don’t worry families: the playground isn’t going anywhere.

In the case that the current location of the playground is used for building, the playground will be relocated to another area in the center, sustaining the family-friendly atmosphere.

In the early months of 2018, Maple Street Biscuit Company plans to open its second Gainesville location in Tioga Town Center.

Maple Street Biscuit Company specializes in southern comfort food with a modern flair, and features a breakfast menu filled with a variety of biscuit sandwiches. Their Squawking Goat sandwich, with fried chicken, a fried goat cheese medallion, and house-made pepper jelly, was featured on the Food Network.

After its opening, Maple Street Biscuit Company will be one of the only breakfast and coffee areas west of I-75, making it a hot commodity that will undoubtedly draw tons of breakfast and brunch-goers to Tioga.

The Hankin Group intends to keep the special events that Tioga is known for, such as the weekly farmers market, movie nights, and live music, and they don’t foresee any drastic changes to the area.

They mainly want to focus on improving what’s already there and continue to develop Tioga Town Center as a warm and energetic community.

By Lauren Vehar

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