The Suit Jacket – A Guide for Correct Fit

The suit is the quintessential uniform for a man.  It represents class, sophistication, elegance and authority. For young men, it represents a transition from adolescence to manhood; for grown men, it solidifies his place in society. The suit is an extension of you, and as such, should enhance your features and give you that extra bit of confidence to take on the world.

The suit has the ability to enhance your physical attributes while masking any shortcomings that throw off your proportions. The shape of a jacket’s lapels help lead the viewer’s eye up to the face, the length of the jacket affects the appearance of the length of the your legs and torso, and the jacket is also central in accentuating or alluding to the appearance of a slim, v-shaped chest. As a result, you want your suit jacket to fit you just right.


bradBrad Schultz is a fashion designer and sewing teacher in Gainesville, FL specializing in special occasion apparel. His work is a fusion of clever design and beautiful, couture-quality execution.  Each dress is a thoughtful collaboration between the designer and the client celebrating her unique beauty, style, and personality.

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