The Leading Edge Business Theatre brings fun and a sense of “play” to educational development initiatives

What is The Leading Edge Business Theatre?

The Leading Edge Business Theatre uses training tools and forms of theatre to teach leadership and communication principles. This group of professional actors, writers, and experienced teachers offers a creative way to learn and embrace business concepts and issues that are important to organizational culture and development. This learning model is experiential and engaging rather than passive and cerebral. Participants respond to Leading Edge programs affirming that they feel ‘ownership’ of the outcomes because of being directly involved creatively in the learning process.

Using improvisation, role playing, scene building and other theatre techniques, Leading Edge addresses, in real time, educational topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Creative Problem Solving, Diversity and Inclusion, Team Building, and Communication. The processes and structure of Leading Edge allow participants, at both the supervisory and employee levels, to address organizational issues and find productive solutions in a non-judgmental environment of creative engagement. This model of Organizational Development work is uniquely suited to be adaptable to the specific needs of a given organization. Scripts for specific workplace scenarios can be developed around topics that are suggested or supplied by the client, so that the content is custom-built to reflect the identified needs.

The Leading Edge Business Theatre company has created programs and special topic presentations for clients such as Lockheed/Martin, The EPA, Publix Supermarkets, the Chamber of Commerce of Marion County, and many more in the southeast region.

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