The latest content trend for optimizing SEO

“Many of the old ways to build SEO are over,” said Gabriel Marguglio, CEO of Nextiny Marketing at the recent Florida Public Relations Association Conference in Orlando. He shared that the trends of using guest bloggers and repeating keywords are out but link building and relevant domain names are still solid practices.

Even though Google Plus isn’t on the cutting edge anymore, updating your Google Plus business profile will still bring you up on Google searches. Structuring your website with pillar (overview) content with cluster (subtopics) content will also garner a positive response from search engines.

So what is the latest trend in building content for search engine optimization (SEO)?

According to Marguglio, the answer is video. And the video needs to go beyond just good storytelling. Your video needs to answer the questions that are being asked by Google users.

Google wants to send users the best answer for their questions and the Google algorithm favors video. Today, Google’s indexing has a very quick turnaround time, so when you upload a video that answers questions that your current or potential customers may have about your products and services, it has the potential to rise to the top of Google searches. Interactive tools and presentations can also provide valuable information and answer questions. A best practice is to put the question in the title of this content.

So, what will these brief videos be about? What are some of the common questions received by your customer service department? How does your product or service solve the customer’s problem? Are there common questions asked about your particular industry? Brief “how to” videos, photos or presentations can be a great fit. Have this visual information link to more amplifying content on your website.

Don’t forget to link your content to a call to action in order to convert your website visitors to customers. Make it easy for the visitor to your website to place an order or contact your customer service representative.

Of course, these materials should look professional, and there are ways to achieve professional video with a smartphone. Some of the general rules are using an LED light kit, a phone stabilizer and a tripod. You can also get a boom microphone for your smartphone. An important tip – check the memory on your phone because you may run out when shooting video. Consider having a transcript of the video available to viewers or have the words on the bottom of the screen.

While trends come and go, even with SEO and Google rankings, one thing remains the same. Providing valuable content to your customers or potential customers is always a mainstay.

By Patricia Vernon

Patricia Vernon currently serves on the FPRA Gainesville Chapter Board as the director of communications and has been the manager of public relations and communications for Haven Hospice since 2013.

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