The Hollywood Fashion Formula

Fashion Formula

By: Brad Schultz

Dress Your Inner Celebrity 

Have you ever wondered how and why certain celebrities always look flawless and camera-ready, even when they’re off the clock? Aside from their access to designer pieces, stylists, and hefty shopping budgets, stylish celebs have an innate sense of what it takes to look polished and cool. We repeatedly see them all abiding by a set of style rules that are timeless and easy to emulate. The best part? You won’t need a celebrity budget to apply them to your wardrobe—just a little know-how.

They Mix Prints

Having the ability to effectively mix prints without looking crazy will take you far in the style department. When done right, it looks incredibly cool and unique-however, the art of mixing prints can definitely be intimidating. The good news is, once you master the art of mixing, the options for potential outfits in your closet will drastically increase. This trend isn’t only reserved for the ladies; men can employ these same guidelines to liven up the daily, monotonous suit.

The Combine High and Low Pieces

You don’t need to own expensive things to look expensive. Celebs, like Emma Watson, are often spotted wearing a mix of designer duds and high street fashion-proof that there’s never a need to wear designer head to toe.

They Wear White to Stand Out

An all-white look creates an air of freshness, cleanliness and confidence.  Donning it is the easiest way to really stand out in an inevitable sea of black outfits. Consider wearing one piece, such as a dress or jumpsuit, to create a leaner line and slimmer appearance.  Play with textures, proportions, and materials to get a visually interesting look.

White also creates the perfect base to accentuate a statement piece. A brightly colored blouse, bag, or a killer pair of heels are sure to stand out against a white canvas. This makes the look more fresh, artsy, and attention grabbing.

They Complete the Look

One or two well-chosen accessories will make much more of a statement than piling them on ever will. If you are going for a prim and polished look, opt for pearls. Vintage or floral pieces will look beautiful with a romantic and feminine outfit, while colorful beads are a must if you are going for a boho look. A bold cuff will compliment a color-blocked mini dress, while chandelier earrings will look gorgeous with a long flowing maxi.

They Wear Flats for a Night Out

Victoria Beckham once declared, “I can’t concentrate in flats.” Sorry, V, but we beg to differ: Not only can you concentrate in flats, but you can frolic, twirl, and get down on the dance floor a little bit better.

Remember that “flats” has a broad definition, especially now with the growing popularity of the ‘athleisure’ trend. Add a fun pair of tennis shoes, instead of heels, to an awesome pants look to showcase your laidback, unique style. The unexpectedly chic shoes will win you major fashion points for creativity and comfort.

They Make Unexpected Fashion Choices

As Emma Stone shows us at pretty much every award ceremony, make bold choices (within reason), and everyone will remember you as the best dressed at the event. Mix things up, have fun, take risks-fashion should be fun!

They don’t take fashion too seriously

Just as it’s best not to take yourself too seriously, you should approach fashion in the same way. Experiment, wear what you love, and have fun with it!

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