Take Charge of Your Financial Future: Make Sure You’re at the Table

An entrepreneur, banker, author, playwright, producer, singer, and health and fitness advocate, Romona Jackson embodies financial peace and stability and shows others how they can have it all too. “I am in Heaven because I am in a position where I can transfer skills and inspire and motivate people to become the best version of who they are.” Coaching and developing are the most rewarding elements of her job.   

Jackson advises business owners and entrepreneurs to build a relationship with their financial institution’s representative. This dynamic foundation will help businesses, says Jackson.

Imagine this! First your banker, now your advocate. This person will now keep you abreast of products and services that benefit you and your business. Additionally, business owners should contact their local Small Business Administration (SBA) for basic training on business plans, cash flow predictions, credit management and other critical topics vital to building their business. Most businesses are stunted due to a lack of finances; however, there are a host of traditional and non-traditional sources to help with cash flow needs.

For business professionals looking to climb the ranks within their company, as she has with Wells Fargo, Jackson stresses credit and debt management. “I cannot stress that enough. Take care of your credit. Credit can get you where cash cannot. Check your credit periodically. Pay your bills on time and when you can, pay more than the minimum. Pay off high interest debt first. Vendors and potential lenders take more than your credit score into consideration; they review your entire financial portfolio, including how you maintain accounts.”

Jackson looks forward to sharing more tips and advice at the upcoming leadership conference (see note, below), alongside other local subject matter experts like Scott Schroeder, Craig Wilburn, Erika Dawkins, Jaron Jones, Ph.D. and Naima Brown, Ph.D. GBP’s Leadership Conference provides an opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals to network, exchange views and build partnerships while developing their leadership styles, team management skills and abilities to narrate and share their stories.   

“Anytime there is an open forum to make an investment in yourself, which by the way is the best investment you can make, it should not be missed!” says Jackson. “Expanding our knowledge ultimately pays in great dividends, not only for ourselves, but for the whole. The more we know, the less people can take, and the more seats we have at the table where the decisions are made.”

Gainesville Black Professionals, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing communication, collaboration and networking between professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners. It is the largest network of Black professionals in North Central Florida with over 1,500 members. For more information, visit GBPInc.org.

Wells Fargo’s Regional Banking District Manager Romona Jackson will share her passion for coaching, developing and financially empowering others at the Gainesville Black Professionals’ Leadership Conference on Feb. 2, 2019. She will present financial literacy information about the topic “From an Idea to a Business” and provide tips on how to build a viable partnership with financial institutions.

By Xposure Consulting Firm, Inc. with excerpts from an interview with Romona Jackson, District Manager, Wells Fargo Regional Banking

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