Staying Flexible with How Businesses Work | Cody Meche of Institute Agility

12 years ago, Cody Meche discovered a different perspective on working while employed at Tower Hill Insurance Group. 

The method was focused around autonomous teams. Instead of reporting to a boss and being directed on what to do, these groups ran themselves. And these teams worked well. 

That’s right. When built correctly, autonomous teams didn’t need hands-on guidance to stay productive or push themselves. 

Cody took what he learned and developed a career in agile coaching for businesses. The agile method is a cyclical approach that’s historically aligned with software development. Throughout the process, the team will plan, execute, evaluate, and then repeat.

Institute Agility seeks to apply this method to any business, not just tech companies. By having small teams be continuously involved in the creation process, each employee stays engaged and invested in their work.

Cody feels that the lessons taught by the agile method can be extended to many parts of life.

Where the agile method focuses on teams relying on one another, Cody sees a lesson about relationships and valuing the same thing. Even when you’re not at work, understanding where to look for feedback can improve many facets of life. 

Institute Agility aims to help businesses create autonomous teams with great relationships, products that have been optimized, and businesses that grow towards a combined goal. Tune in to Episode 164 of the WHOA GNV podcast to learn more about agile coaching and how it can help your business!

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