State of the City Touts Strong Economy

The state of Gainesville’s economy is strong, said Mayor Craig Lowe at the 2012 State of the City Address on Jan. 24. According to the mayor, the city has seen improvement in job creation, economic development, energy, transportation and the environment. It is moving forward with projects in renewable energy and mass transit.

One of the city’s greatest examples of innovation in the past year is the Innovation Hub. The businesses there are thriving and hiring. According to Mayor Lowe, many of the business owners at the Hub say Gainesville is definitely the right place to start their business. Another move forward for Gainesville’s economy is the coming of Silver Airways’ maintenance facility to the city. The company will bring with it new jobs and will offer daily flights from the Gainesville Regional Airport (see cover story).

Mayor Lowe’s plans for this year include continuing the development of the downtown area and Innovation Square.

“While across the country, cities and businesses are struggling to make sense of this new situation,” Lowe said, “Gainesville’s uniquely collaborative approach is succeeding.”

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