Starter Space Opens GatorLab Business Incubator

GatorLab, a business incubator of a different stripe, will begin in early February at Starter Space in downtown Gainesville.

GatorLab is described by Starter Space member Eric Pheterson as an easier way to get into the startup community.

“Instead of an incubator where people come in with an idea, GatorLab finds raw talent and forms a team around the project,” he said. Young entrepreneurs involved in the program will get to work on turning an idea into a business and end up owning a piece of the business they helped create.

GatorLab is looking for interested individuals from a variety of backgrounds – including business, marketing, graphic design, and all types of software development – to work in teams of two to three on various projects, with emphasis on mobile development, quick execution and aggressive expectations. Pheterson said that GatorLab coordinators will have teams formed by the second week of February.

The projects were chosen by Starter Space’s Quang Tran and the GatorLab team based on their interest and whether they thought that the project could succeed. Projects include MakeSend, which will allow users to submit a 3D model/idea and receive a product, and BoxCommerce, which promises to help users find their next favorite product from local vendors with a monthly subscription.

Interested individuals should apply online at Starter Space will also hold an internship fair on Jan. 28 and 29 at 6:30 p.m. to recruit for GatorLab, and other Gainesville startups.


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