Software Company's Growth Exceeding Expectations in Innovation Square

By Josh Steppling

Mobiquity, a Boston-based company providing enterprise-class software to businesses, has joined the ranks of companies experiencing fast-paced growth in the Innovation Square community. The company expanded to Gainesville in May and will be tripling its office space size and doubling its number of employees by the end of the year.

After only 5 months in Gainesville, Mobiquity will expand this month to a new property that will increase their current office space square footage from 1,700 to 4,000. The company is working with local property developer and manager Trimark Properties to discuss expansion into adjacent commercial properties as their growth continues.

“We have been growing very quickly,” said Mobiquity development director Daniel Cohen.

The company is currently on track to surpass its original goal of creating 260 jobs in its first three years in Gainesville. With 28 employees already at their Gainesville office, Mobiquity will be hiring 5 more in October and another class of 25 employees in January.

Cohen said that the key to Mobiquity’s continued success will be to create training programs in the community that will allow companies to sustainably hire at the local level.

“There are a lot of people ready to do very big things in Gainesville,” said Cohen. “It feels great to be a part of building a thriving tech community here in Gainesville.”

Mobiquity has been working with the University of Florida and other local organizations to collaborate on training efforts that will strengthen the local talent pool. The company is also excited about the opportunity to work with companies like Mindtree and Grooveshark who, according to Cohen, share common goals with Mobiquity here in Gainesville.

“We all have an aligned interest in that we’re all trying to create the best atmosphere to attract talent,” said Cohen. “It’s a situation where what’s good for the community is good for Mobiquity and what’s good for Mobiquity is good for the community, so it’s really going to be a team effort.”

According to Cohen, locating near their potential customer will not only help Mobiquity provide a better product for their clients, but will also allow them to work with local organizations to increase the long-term employability and growth of the community. Right now, the challenge is finding out where all of the community’s assets fit to achieve those goals.

“We would like to perpetuate the image of Gainesville being the Silicon Valley of the east,” Cohen said. “Right now we’re looking at everything as puzzle pieces, trying to assemble them to create something that will help Mobiquity do well in terms of hiring the right candidates, but also to work within the context of the community at large.”

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