Singh Builds Business Based on Passion and Perseverence

Deepika Singh, president and CEO of Sinmat, has a few simple philosophies when it comes to entrepreneurship—learn from failure and rejection, make plans but be open to all possibilities, hire smart and passionate people, and surround yourself with positivity.

Early on in her career, Singh, who was recently named one of nine Florida High Tech Corridor’s 2018 “Faces of Technology,” had to adapt herself and her career to the business market. She started her career working for a rechargeable battery manufacturer until the business decided to close its doors. She took this opportunity to go back to school and pursue a doctorate degree in materials science and engineering. Singh and her husband Rajiv Singh combined their expertise and the spirit of innovation to start a new venture where they worked together to develop chemical mechanical polishing solutions for the semiconductor industry, and Sinmat was born.

“It was a gigantic risk, but I was determined and remained focused on creating value for our customers through innovation and excellence,” Singh said.

Sinmat is a leading global supplier of chemical mechanical planarization technologies, which are widely used for manufacturing semiconductor chips. Sinmat produces and sells polishing solutions which are a unique mixture of chemicals and nanoparticles that are used to polish hard substrate materials, such as silicon carbide, sapphire and diamond which are used in electric and hybrid cars, high power electronics to convert power, smartphone and smartwatch screens and cameras and enhance the brightness of LEDs used for lighting homes and offices while decreasing their costs.

Sinmat won the 2017 Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Company of the Year because of their role in helping our region advance toward a vision of Greater Gainesville as a global hub of talent, innovation, and opportunity.

“In order to be successful, one has to make a significant impact by thinking big. It is very essential to understand your strengths and weaknesses and channel these strengths on areas that would bring value to customers,” Singh said. “Our strength lies in working closely with our customers and listening to them to understand their needs and challenges.”

Sinmat’s technologies also help develop specialized power devices which are being utilized in more energy efficient wind and solar power systems, smart electric grids and hybrid automobiles. Their technology has also helped the military build higher power next generation radar systems.

“Sometimes the biggest challenge is to stay focused on critical projects which have the biggest impact for the customer and the company,” Singh said.

Since its inception in 2000, Sinmat has experienced tremendous growth. Within the past five years, Sinmat has encountered an average annual sales growth exceeding 40%.

“Building your own business is a very creative and rewarding experience. You spend half of your life at work. It makes a big difference if you do something you really enjoy,” Singh said. “As a business owner part of your success is dependent on the team of people you surround yourself with. Hire people who are smart, diverse and passionate and then listen to their perspectives.”

Even though her life is extremely busy with her business, Singh suggests that entrepreneurs try as hard as possible to achieve work-life balance, especially female business owners.

“Remain determined and courageous even in the face of obstacles. Don’t let money define you. Focus on a higher purpose and it will bring out the best in you and others,” Singh said. “Work life balance is very important. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices. Hire good people who are competent and can work with the rest of the team.”

Singh has proven that pursuing your dreams and staying true to yourself and your expertise can help you to earn success.

“Persevere during difficult times. Make plans but remain open to all possibilities.”

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