Sensei Asian Bistro is Among the Top Gainesville Restaurants!

Nobody has ever said that opening a restaurant is easy. The founder of Sensei Asian Bistro, located in Gainesville, Florida, has certainly been through a lot to get to where he is today. If you pay a visit to this amazing fine-dining restaurant located at Celebration Pointe, the only thing you will experience is delicious food that is served in a perfect atmosphere. But how did Hugh come this close to perfection with his dishes? What is his story? What did he learn that he applies to every dish on his menu today?

Looking for authentic Asian cuisine in Gainesville? Hugh Started Learning About Food in China

If you are looking for delicious sushi in Gainesville, you might also be interested in authentic Asian dishes. That is exactly what you will receive at Sensei Asian Bistro. Hugh, the founder of Sensei Asian Bistro, has brought all of his cooking skills with him from China. His journey into learning about cuisine art, with a focus on authentic Asian cuisine, began at the New East Cuisine School in Beijing. He learned about sauces, rice, noodles, heat, spices, oils, and plenty of other ingredients that all come together in perfect harmony to create the perfect Asian dish. His Chinese roots are reflected in every dish he serves at Sensei Asian Bistro.

Hugh Learns About Asian and Sushi Restaurants in Seattle

After leaving China, Hugh came to Seattle, where he continued to hone his cooking skills.  While Seattle is mostly known for seafood, there is also a major Asian population in this part of the country. Therefore, Hugh fit right in, going to work further improving his cooking skills. He picked up a lot of new tips when it comes to Asian dishes, sushi, and countless other types of cuisine. Many of these skills can be tasted on the menu at Sensei Asian Bistro. Eventually, he decided it was time to leave Seattle to open up his restaurant in Gainesville, Florida.

Hugh Opens Sensei Asian Bistro in Gainesville, FL

After leaving Seattle, Hugh decided to open up Sensei Asian Bistro in Gainesville, FL. The goal of his restaurant is to unite classic Chinese cooking skills with modern elements, served in a contemporary, sophisticated setting. By maintaining his focus on the customer, Hugh can create a welcoming, warm environment for everyone who enters. Connecting with customers in a raw, real, transparent manner, Hugh encourages all staff members at Sensei Asian Bistro to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Furthermore, Hugh is focused on creating an atmosphere of continual improvement. Even though the menu, dishes, and atmosphere at Sensei Asian Bistro may already feel like perfection, Hugh is always looking for ways to improve. That is why countless people have already fallen in love with Sensei Asian Bistro.

Hugh’s Restaurant Is Now One of the Top Restaurants in Gainesville FL

Hugh had a lot of experience when it comes to running a successful restaurant. He leverages this experience every day he opens the door of Sensei Asian Bistro. Now, Sensei Asian Bistro has become one of the top restaurants in Gainesville, FL. His only goal is to make sure every guest has all of his or her needs met. If you would like to experience a delicious meal that cannot be found anywhere else, then pay a visit to Sensei Asian Bistro. Whether you are looking for rice, noodles, or sushi in Gainesville, Sensei Asian Bistro has you covered.

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