Save on Utility Costs with GRU Business Rebates

Cox Communications recently received more than $3,000 in rebates from GRU for replacing fluorescent overhead lighting with energy efficient LED lighting. The upgrade reduced Cox’s annual electric bill by more than $2,800.

As part of Cox’s national sustainability program “Cox Conserves” the Gainesville office has also installed lighting sensors, vending machine sensors and energy efficient air-conditioning units.

“Our facilities department worked with GRU to identify energy efficient options, and in doing so, was able to benefit from GRU rebate offers. Both Cox and GRU understand the importance of conserving energy,” said Devon Chestnut, Cox Florida/Georgia public relations specialist.

GRU’s certified energy managers can help business customers lower utility bills by analyzing businesses for inefficient equipment, reviewing service pricing and making customized rebate recommendations to meet individual business needs. Rebates are available for electric, natural gas, solar and water services, and can be applied to any business environment including restaurants, hotels, offices and retail outlets.

Rebates and incentives can help businesses manage energy and water use, save money, and improve efficiency.  “Customized rebates allow business owners to receive up to 50 percent of the project cost for energy upgrades,” said Dan Clark, GRU business services representative. “Businesses with small offices, which use residential-sized A/C units and pool pumps, can also take advantage of our residential rebates,” he said.

Free On-Site Water and Energy Survey

Using GRU’s solutions, the Alachua County Library District got an annual saving of almost $17,000, without spending a dime. At your request, GRU’s certified energy managers will inspect your business and its equipment at no charge. GRU can tailor surveys to meet specific business needs and answer questions about equipment use, energy and water history, and suggest ways to reduce utility bills. Surveys can take 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of the business. To schedule a survey call 352-393-1460.






Receive up to $100,000 in rebates annually
Solutions by Area:

  • Heating & Cooling
    • Central A/C (high-efficiency)
    • Central Heat for Rental Properties (natural gas)
    • Duct Leak Repair
    • Duct Testing
  • Insulation
    • Added Insulation
  • Irrigation
    • Irrigation system maintenance and rain sensor
  • Lighting
  • Water Heating
    • Heat pump water heater
    • Natural gas water heater
    • Solar water heating
    • Spray nozzles for commercial kitchens
  • Windows
    • Window replacement
    • Window tent/film/solar screens
  • Comprehensive Upgrades
    • Home performance with energy star
  • Other
    • Natural gas range and dryer for rental properties
    • Pool pump rebate
    • Refrigerator buyback and recycling
    • Solar net metering for PV systems
    • Solar FIT program

Call GRU’s Business and Energy Services Department at 352-393-1460 or visit for more information.


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