Satlantis, LLC, Announces Strategic Investment

UF startup Satlantis, LLC (“Satlantis”), a US technology leader in high precision miniaturized satellites and cameras has announced a strategic investment from Encino Environmental Holdings, LLC (“Encino”). This investment will allow Satlantis to accelerate the commercialization of its satellite-based greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring technology and develop new products and services for the North American market. Satlantis is the U.S. affiliate of Satlantis Microsats S.L., based in Bilbao, Spain.

Satlantis technology is based upon proprietary multispectral infrared and visible imaging techniques to detect the origin and volume of methane, CO2 and other greenhouse gases with significantly greater precision than currently available technology.  The technology can also be used for a wide range of other applications including visual monitoring of pipeline and electrical distribution lines, fire surveillance and prevention, imaging solutions to manage plastic and fertilizer contamination in coastal waters, monitoring of plants and agricultural diseases such as citrus greening and many other environmental challenges.

In addition, Satlantis announces the appointment of Sean O’Keefe as Chairman of the Board.  On four separate occasions O’Keefe served as a presidential appointee when he led NASA, as secretary of the Navy, as deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget and deputy assistant to the President, and as comptroller and CFO at the Defense Department.

Satlantis is a resident of UF Innovate┃The Hub.

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