Salon Ziba: The First and Only Guinness World Record Title Holder in Gainesville

Salon Ziba The First and Only Guinness World Record Title Holder in Gainesville

Back in March 2022, Ziba Ahmadi, the owner of Salon Ziba located in Thornebrooke Village of Gainesville, Florida, shattered her own Guinness World Record with 15 minutes to spare. The dedicated owner and Gainesville favorite is officially the twice-awarded fastest eyebrow threader in the world. 


Ahmadi was first inspired to break the world record on June 16, 2021 because she knew she was the best and fastest threader. 1533 of her clients agree, saying things like, “There is no pain, the process is quick… and the results are fabulous! (Guiliana Gomez-Silva, Google Reviews for Salon Ziba). 


Moreover, Ahmadi and her services have become a fundamental part of the college experience, with her salon traveling to almost every sorority house monthly to prepare hundreds of young women with the confidence they need for important benchmarks such as job interviews and formal events.


On March 15 of 2022, Ahmadi decided it was time to break her record again. This time, her ambition was inspired not only by her determination to continually improve, but likewise to support the Ukrainian war effort amidst world-wide political turmoil.


The event was incredibly successful, and even after shattering her pre-existing record in 45 minutes and running out of people to thread, the community celebrated and supported the awesome feat of technical talent and artistic skill.


After once again bringing notoriety to Gainesville and its small businesses, Ahmadi began efforts to specifically improve her salon’s home in Thornebrooke Village. One of the oldest shopping centers in Gainesville, Thornebrooke Village has a quaint charm that has been too often overlooked in recent times. By planning and hosting meetings with the owners of other local businesses such as The Wedding Cycle and BagelLand, Salon Ziba is at the forefront of Thornebrooke Village’s self-improvement journey.


Salon Ziba will continue to expand and improve within the next couple of years. Ahmadi intends to break her record again, as well as experiment with social media coverage of her salon’s work. Undoubtedly, as Salon Ziba continues to grow, the City of Gainesville will shine and celebrate along with it.

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