Rent-Tech Firm Expands to Gainesville with Tech Platform


With a low vacancy rate and rental properties comprising more than 40 percent of all homes in the region (higher than the national average of 36 percent) the region – like many in the U.S., is dealing with challenging market trends. After launching in NYC, UpTop is now expanding into Gainesville, where rental prices are on the rise and increasing by more than $100 a month year over year.

In this challenging and complicated housing market, the region will welcome some relief made possible by UpTop’s first-of-its-kind platform designed to alleviate some of the stress and expenses associated with both renting and property management as the first entirely free end-to-end rental platform.

Renters Gainesville can search and complete the whole rental process within a single platform, UpTop also enables property owners and managers to streamline their operations, lower their cost of acquisition and utilize a property management system. The transformative process is transparent, efficient and free  – delivering mutual benefit to landlords and tenants alike.

Because renters can explore available units in real time and can complete the entire process from a smartphone from research to appointment setting to lease and payments, property owners and managers benefit from UpTop because the service for listings is free, vacancies can be filled with streamlined efficiency and rent is collected electronically directly into their established bank accounts.  

UpTop is the first free end-to-end rental platform that combines a rental listing search platform and a property management software to streamline the way renters and landlords, owners, reps and property managers work together for the entirety of the renting lifecycle. UpTop’s mission is to provide a phenomenal rental experience and ecosystem for both renters and owners through automating and streamlining the entire process. The platform has been designed to ensure ease of use across devices, promote direct communication between all parties involved, simplify coordination efforts and provide convenience in renting.

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