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Response to the launch of “The Insider

The Business Report has been one of my better resources of print. I really appreciate the newsletter. Very good idea.

—Larry Hartfield, Hartfield Insurance Group. Inc.


Response to “Removal of Sales Tax for Buses Highlights City-County Split

No excuses accepted. The issue is simplicity itself. Pinkoson, Baird and Bradley have voted to take the decision away from the County’s voters. This must be remembered when they are next up for election.

—Don Herget

Several years ago when the economy was doing much better, a half-cent tax for roads failed. What makes Pinkoson, Baird, and Bradley believe a ¾-cent sales tax in a tight economy will pass. They likely lost the support of many Gainesvillagers for this sales tax.

—Rob Brinkman


I would like to see the poll that Commissioner Hawkins did. Especially the methodology.

—Hugh Calderwood

I did not simply vote “no” on the proposed referendum on transit to vote “no.” I felt that committing right now to bus rapid transit was highly irresponsible.

I read about city commissioners talking about a “robust” bus system. I would have to watch the meeting again, but I do not recall that at all. I recall commissioners saying specifically that they believed that BRT was critical to our future, and they were OK moving forward with committing our citizens to it despite the very clear lack of BRT-supportive criteria in our city.

With the inclusion of BRT and the “urban circulator”—and with no cost data—the chances of the county putting this on the ballot were slim. I felt we were making a large gamble and going all-in as opposed to presenting a more reasoned and compromising list of projects that would include some increases in routes, frequency and service.

I represent Gainesville’s District 2, which has, for the last several citywide races, produced about 46 percent of the entire vote count; I would argue I represent a large percentage of Gainesville’s population.

—Todd Chase, Commissioner – District 2, City of Gainesville


Response to “Newberry Still Waiting for Impact of Baseball Fields

The taxpayers are being taken for a ride by the City of Newberry.

Does Lou Presutti of Nations Park have a license to operate as a travel agent in the State of Florida? You could do an article a week with problems at Nations Park and not scratch the surface.

The Alachua County Board of County Commissioners, as well as the Alachua County Tourist Development Agency, need to take a long, hard look before any taxpayer money is handed out to Newberry.

—Gary Palmer

Response to “Christensen, Lyons Made Marks That Will Live On

Brent is a class act and represented our business community well. He recruited me to iG years ago in a way that helped me see the vision, even before much of the planning had  been done.

Thank you, sir, for all you have done to serve Gainesville businesses.

—Herb Jones,
 Online Potential – Gainesville’s Internet Marketing Agency

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