Plum Creek Begins Phase II of Envision Alachua

Community leaders and residents to further define vision for company’s lands in Alachua County.

Plum Creek has released the schedule of community-wide events for Phase II of Envision Alachua, a community planning process that began last year to create a future vision for the 65,000 acres of land the company owns in Alachua County.

Phase I of the Envision Alachua process generated a vision, goals and planning principles document that identified the economy, the environment and the community as the top priorities for a potential master plan of Plum Creek’s land in Alachua County.

Phase II will use the vision created by the Envision Alachua Task Force to guide Plum Creek regarding future development and conservation of its lands.

Phase II will include series of task force meetings, an educational forum and community workshops.

The task force, composed of 31 community, environmental, business, University of Florida and Santa Fe College representatives, hold its first of three Phase II meeting on Nov. 15.

In early October, Plum Creek held an initial meeting of the newly created Technical Advisory Group, comprised of representatives of regulatory agencies to provide input to the conceptual plans that will be created in this phase.

Plum Creek has hired Sasaki Associates, a Boston-based international planning and design firm, to join Berkeley-based MIG, Inc. to help create the community-minded Envision Alachua plan.

For times and location details for the meetings and workshops, visit throughout Phase II of the Envision Alachua process. Click here to view and download the Vision, Goals, and Planning Principles document. Watch a video below about Phase I of the visioning process.

Envision Alachua Phase 1 Overview from Envision Alachua on Vimeo.

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