Old Hardware Store Now Software Company Home

As Shadow Health expanded from three employees, to two dozen, their office space in the Florida Innovation Hub at UF became much too small. Now residing in the 3,000 square foot historic Rice Hardware Building at 15 S.W. First Ave, Shadow Health now enjoys a much bigger and more open environment.

Shadow Health is a software company that has developed a web-based patient simulator that nursing students use for training. The program allows students to interact with, examine, and diagnose “Tina,” a digital standardized patient.

“What we’re doing saves a lot of time for faculty, which frees up their time to do other things,” says Educational Director Linda Nichols. “That’s a big deal, in light of the shortage of nursing school faculty.”

CEO David Massias has spearheaded Shadow Health’s rapid growth from concept to flourishing sales.


Employees regularly collaborate at the Shadow Health Office.


While most of Shadow Health’s space is in an open environment, the conference room does provide an opportunity for group meetings.


A collection of photos features employees’ families.



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