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By Caitlyn Finnegan




When your company’s mission is to design one-of-a-kind settings, employees never have to worry about doing the same project twice. At ThemeWorks


Inc. in High Springs, the daily to-do list can range from designing the entrance for a new rollercoaster to recreating an ancient Egyptian tomb for a museum exhibit. As a full-service custom fabrication firm, the company works with clients like Universal’s Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld San Diego and the National Museum of the Marine Corps to supply props, sculptures, scenery and anything else the client needs to create an immersive environment.

ThemeWorks’ 54,000-square-foot facility houses several departments to handle each stage of the production process. There are workshops for ThemeworksWoodworkingwoodworking and cabinetry, fiberglass molding, metalwork, sculpting and fine art. Certain projects also call for computer-aided design, with a CAD robotic machine ready to churn out props like sheets of ice or warped wood. The company generally handles 15 to 20 projects at any given time, so craftsmen  can often work up to 80 hours in one week to complete projects and transport them to various theme parks, museums, zoos, traveling exhibits and aquariums across the country.

ThemeworksSince opening in 1995, the company has grown to include 55 full-time employees with backgrounds ranging from theater to fine art to interior design. President Scott Gill says the company plans to keep the bulk of its operations in its current location, with expansions and upgrades like solar panels helping to ease growing pains.

“It’s a very creative space; there’s always something fun and visually stimulating happening,” Gill said. “We learn something new with each project, and that helps keep everything fun and fresh for our employees.”




Address: 1210 S. Main St., High Springs


Phone number: 386-454-7500


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