Office Space: Sharpspring’s Firestone Tire Building

This historic building that used to be a Firestone tire garage is where automated marketing company Sharpspring will being to make its new home. It will begin moving in during the month of September.

Location: 304 West University Ave.

How Long in Current Location: SharpSpring acquired the location, known as the historic Firestone tire building, in early August.

What They Do: SharpSpring provides automated marketing to more than 200 companies. It integrates with platforms including Linked In, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter.

Fun Fact: Sharpspring recently announced its merger with publicly traded corporation SMTP, Inc.

STMP, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMTP) became a leader in commercial and consumer email delivery in the ’90s, and it continues to be a market leader for mass-email delivery. That’s why Sharpspring founder Rick Carlson says the merger will be beneficial.

“Email delivery is core to what we do, and SMTP knows email,” he said in a statement. “SMTP brings us literally decades of email delivery expertise.”

Photos courtesy of Virginia MacKoul, Front Street Commercial Real Estate Group


DSC_0758 DSC_0727


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