Office Space: Fracture

Fracture was conceived by co-founders Abhi Lokesh and Alex Theodore during a nonprofit volunteer trip to Africa, where they realized that framing and printing needed to be revolutionized. Fracture now prints digital photos onto glass frames, without the need for the traditional wood or metal framing materials.

Fracture won a national competition from the Turnstone office furniture company in May. They unveiled the new office look in August.

“The new office helps us get our mind off of what chair or desk we’re going to sit in and get our mind on production,” says Lokesh. He’s got a basketball hoop for the space above his desk that he calls his hoop of wisdom.

Lokesh says they try to keep the office attitude pretty casual. They might take a ride around on one of the skateboards or all take a trip to the farmer’s market.

Office pets include Buckbeak, the macaw, and dogs Watson and Sierra. “Sierra brings the vocals,” says Lokesh.

Marketing director Matthew Bivens says that the name Fracture came out of a desire to have the name stick out like Google. In May, co-founder Alex Theodore said that they wanted to keep the team small, but that even a small team could make an impact and be a household name.

LOCATION112 SW Sixth St., Gainesville


IN CURRENT LOCATION Since November 2011

WHAT THEY DO Fracture specializes in printing high-quality digital photos onto glass frames.

DESIGNED BY Turnstone office-furniture company, with input from the Fracture team.

FUN FACT Fracture won the office makeover by participating in a national contest. The office currently features two dogs, a bird and Rosey, the office robot.

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