North Florida Regional Medical Center Now Using the Da Vinci Xi Robot


Procedures Represent Gainesville’s First Use of New Technology

 Gainesville, FL – North Florida Regional Medical Center (NFRMC) of Gainesville, an HCA affiliate, announced recently it is the first hospital in the Gainesville area to perform robotic assisted surgery using the newest da Vinci Xi® system.  The new system offers three dimensional high definition visualization and allows for enhanced dexterity and greater precision and control for the surgeon.

“This is another example of our significant ongoing investment in robotic, minimally-invasive surgery at North Florida Regional Medical Center,” says Brian Cook, President & CEO of NFRMC.  “Today, we greatly expanded the robotic surgical platform currently used for minimally-invasive surgery.  Introducing the latest technology and surgical procedures at NFRMC means residents of North Central Florida can access the most advanced life-saving procedures without leaving our community.”

This system allows for ‘multi-quadrant’ surgeries where the instruments must be able to reach from the pelvis to the chest.  Previous versions of the da Vinci® system require the patient or robot to be repositioned during surgery, which increases surgical time.  However, utilizing the da Vinci Xi® robotic system, surgeons now have anatomical access from virtually any position, often eliminating the need for repositioning.  This can benefit patients by reducing the time they are under anesthesia.

The robotic platform is used for a variety of surgical procedures performed at North Florida Regional Medical Center by physicians, including general surgeons, gynecologists, urologists and gynecologic oncologist Dr. Daylene Ripley.  The first three procedures using the da Vinci XI at NFRMC were performed by Dr. Ripley.  All three surgeries were performed on October 22.  

“The robotic system enables me to see a three-dimensional view with 10 times the magnification of normal vision” says Dr. Daylene Ripley.  “This allows for a more controlled, precise operation.  “Using the Da Vinci XI is truly exciting. It is a clear advancement in minimally invasive technology and will allow us to perform more complex procedures than we were previously able to perform robotically. This means we can apply robotic surgery to an increasing patient population, and they can now receive the benefits from the technology.”

By enabling efficient access throughout the abdomen and chest, the da Vinci Xi System expands upon core Da Vinci System features, including wristed instruments, 3D-HD visualization, intuitive motion and an ergonomic design.

Today, surgeons with privileges at NFRMC can perform many different types of robotically assisted procedures including prostatectomy, kidney and bladder surgery and gynecologic and gynecologic oncology procedures that address a variety of complex conditions.  Over time, North Florida Regional Medical Center will continue to expand robotic surgical technology and service offerings available in its high-volume program, which is on track to perform 700 robotic surgeries in 2015.

“To be on the forefront of this technically advanced surgery is an example of our commitment to deliver high quality, cost-effective healthcare to the members of our community who rely on us and trust us with their care,” Brian Cook says.



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