New Look. Same Great Stories.

It is with great excitement that we reintroduce The Business Report of North Central

Florida. For many years, The Business Report has been the leading business news publication in this part of the state and has become an integral part to the growth and development of our business community. As Owner and Publisher, I embrace this responsibility and look forward to taking on this challenge.

Our community has long been an incubator of great business leaders whose influence spans around the world. A recent commitment by local stakeholders to continue fostering such leaders within our community is unprecedented and we will all benefit.

Taking over a respected company is always a challenge, especially when it produces a newspaper that is read bynearly every member of the community. We recognize that The Business Report has a loyal following and we are taking great care to maintain the aspects of this publication that readers were drawn to while adding our own creative perspective. We saw three main areas that we could enhance to immediately improve its quality.

First, we are committed to significantly increasing the number of stories that we cover. The North Central Florida Business Community has an infinite number of business stories to tell and we are dedicated to finding and reporting as many as possible. We believe that our purpose as an organization is to inform the public of the great strides businesses in our community are making.

We also wanted to revamp the layout and give it a clean and easy to read design. We partnered with our sister company, Liquid Creative Studio to create a clean and functional design that incorporates a touch of art and creativity.

Finally, we have decided to increase thedistribution of business news by circulating more copies of each print edition and expanding our web, social media, and email presence. Our print circulation will be increased from 8,500 to 13,000 this month and we are constantly looking for partnerships that will allow us to further increase distribution. Our website is populated with new stories each day and we share them immediately with our fans on Facebook. We have also begun sending out weekly email newsletters recapping the most important business news.

We hope that the changes we are making will have a positive impact on the business community. My team and I are very excited to embark on our new adventure and look forward to making The Business Report an even stronger tool for your business. We welcome your feedback in this time of transition and are truly here to serve the community, so please let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and of course, what’s going on in your business.


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