Neutral7 Announces Community Building Partners

Local design and printing company neutral7 Design Group recently announced the launch of its Community Building Partners initiative, which was created to recognize and honor local businesses that contribute to their vision of benefitting Gainesville’s local community and economy.

According to creative director Albert Coronel, the project was started to emphasize the importance of supporting the local community and fostering relationships between local businesses.

“The Community Builders project aims to encourage businesses with similar initiatives to work together, while those who offer services can help support others who need them,” said Brittany Jones of neutral7.

The businesses recognized were selected based on the following five criteria:

  • Businesses that contribute to community initiatives;
  • Businesses that invest in Gainesville by purchasing materials and services from local businesses;
  • Businesses that are environmentally friendly;
  • Businesses that make Gainesville unique;
  • Businesses that take a creative initiative in investing and promoting Gainesville.

Two of the companies recently recognized were Avant Garde Salon and Contemporary Management Concepts.

“We hope to encourage other businesses to take the same initiatives to support our local economy,” Jones said. “The little things add up to make big differences in the growth of the local economy and community.” Look for other award recipients and details at

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