Mindtree Releases Q1 Results, U.S. Component Leads in Growth

Mindtree Limited announced a 52 percent growth in net profit, its 15th consecutive quarter of revenue growth, and a stock price jump of almost six percent in its first quarter 2013 results. Its U.S.-based operations led the growth for Mindtree with nine percent in revenues.


The U.S. Delivery Center, located in Innovation Square, is on track to employ 400 people. Mindtree hired 75 people as of April 2013, with plans to hire 100 people per year over the next four years.


Mindtree chose Gainesville in March 2012, and opened its Ayers Technology Plaza office in November. Gainesville was chosen because of its business climate, resources and proximity to UF’s engineering school. 



“We hit the ground running when we located in Gainesville,” said Joelle Smith, general manager of Mindtree’s U.S. Delivery Center.  “The talent we need is right here with two of the country’s leading universities and community colleges located just outside our doors.  The collaboration and passion for innovation that we have here are key factors for why Mindtree continues to be proud to call Gainesville home for its first U.S. Delivery Center.”

“Mindtree, the company, and its faith in Gainesville turned into a key recruitment example that we utilized when courting other companies and their expansion plans,” said John Carlson, Chair of the Council for Economic Outreach, the economic development arm of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce for Alachua County. “Mindtree is that major company telling the story of why Gainesville is truly a destination for business. Mindtree has been a welcome addition, on so many levels, to the Gainesville community.” 

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