Metcalfe Receives Crowdfund Award from The Education Foundation

By Bradley Osburn

Two W.A. Metcalfe Elementary teachers received $2,069.39 from The Education Foundation’s “Find It & Fund It” crowdfunding campaign on Friday, alongside around 30 of their rambunctious students.

“Find It & Fund It” is an online crowdfunding platform for teachers to post projects and apply for grants of up to $1,500 from local businesses and individuals. The program is only four weeks old and seven projects have already been funded, for a total of $3,118.10. Metcalfe’s reward was the first in line for fund distribution.

The process starts with teachers, who come up with ideas for projects that they could use extra funding for. After getting approval from their principals, the projects are submitted to The Education Foundation and placed on Parties interested in funding projects can register for an account and choose from a list of 40 projects currently posted.

Metcalfe kindergarten and language arts teacher Lauren Smith’s received $1,497.89 for her project, “Reading is fun with materials!” The funds will allow here to set up learning centers in her classroom with materials like magnetic letters and a fishing set for children to practice reading.

Third grade teacher Jamie Aulton ‘s project, “Jump Start Our Powerful Year” received $571.50 for dry erase boards, chart paper and P.E. supplies.


“We’re hoping this will bring some attention and get people involved,” said Judy Boles, the executive director of The Education Foundation. “Maybe they’ll find some projects they want to fund.”

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