Meet The Keynote Speaker for the ALL IN GNV Conference: David Jones

David Jones is the founder and CEO of Diversity of Thought, Inc. (D.O.T.I.) “We are a social enterprise whose mission is to elevate humanity though business.” 

David is also the Executive Director of Diversity of Thought Nonprofit Organization. DOTNPO’s mission is to empower people to change the world around them. He believes in unleashing the power of human potential, embracing diversity, and helping people and organizations to thrive, not just survive.

Prior to starting D.O.T.I., David was responsible for the learning and development for Best Buy’s Southeastern Region which includes Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, and Puerto Rico. He and his team of learning professionals were responsible for the onboarding and continuing education of all employees, agents, and leaders (from store employees to VP’s).  

Come meet David, as well as other dynamic speakers, at the ALL IN GNV Business Conference and Expo!

Wednesday, July 20th, 8:00am – 4:00pm

UF Hilton Conference Center

1714 SW 34th Street

Gainesville, FL 32607

The Business Expo portion of the All In GNV Conference is an opportunity to showcase all that your company has to offer for the Greater Gainesville community. Highlight your vision, celebrate your victories, and grow your customer base. Limited booth space is available, so don’t miss your chance to share your business!

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