Managing Teams and Selling Consistently – two more continuing ed workshops through UF

It’s Game Time! Crush the Competition and Sell More Consistently

September 13, 2019 | 1-5PM

In this highly interactive, engaging session, Jan Spence helps salespeople as well as those in “non-sales” roles tackle more business by taking the fear out of cold-calling, get off the sidelines and prospect more consistently and make bigger plays when doing so. Using her “Play with Head, Hands and Heart” Approach©, Jan, a former pro full-tackle football player, shares her proven methods that have participants ready to:

  • Prospect for new business without fear using her WhoDo Mindset©
  • Effectively ask for next steps and keep the sales process moving using her ARC Method©
  • Commit to asking for new business on a regular basis with her Playbook for Success©

Managing Virtual Teams for High Performance

October 17, 2019 | 1-5PM

Virtual teams are not only a fact of life, but a necessity for many organizations. Virtual teams are also a challenge to manage, and to build a culture of trust and unity. During this session, Vicki Guy, will explore how to manage virtual teams by addressing issues of cultural and personal diversity, communication, and coordination issues. Best management practices for the people, processes, and tools will also be discussed.

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