Locally-developed Fomo app adds new “drinking club”

Gainesville app developers James Berger and Jimmy Parenteau launched the Fomo app in April of 2016 to allow clubs and bars in Gainesville to easily send out push notifications about drink deals to potential guests. Fomo, which stands for “Fear of Missing Out”, helps bar owners market their specials and generate revenue. The latest development of the Fomo app, a drinking club, will launch in spring of 2017 to help bar-goers further stretch their dollars when out for drinks.

The new drinking club allows bar owners to put specials out a month in advance and target bar specials to a particular audience. “It is an app for bar owners with bars in mind,” said co-founder Parenteau.

David Scott, managing partner of Dough Religion Pizza and ooZoo bar, said Fomo is a unique tool that allows bars to communicate with a specific target market. “Whereas Facebook events often get sent out and seen by people that don’t want or understand your message, or aren’t your target market, Fomo allows you to target more specifically,” Scott said. 

Along with the addition of the drinking club, Fomo will also be getting a new, more vibrant look. The new design and functionality of the app will allow users to create their own profiles, share pictures through message boards, chat and share their location. It will also allow users to make decisions on where they want to go based on crowds and specials.

The new drinking club launching within Fomo will also allow bars to post specials, events, and current photos of activity from their own end, target their audience and build relationships.

“We are trying to engage bars to customers to build better connections. We want to help create consistency, loyalty and build relationships,” said Berger.

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