Local startup merges with publicly traded corporation

Local startup Sharpspring recently announced its merger with publicly traded corporation SMTP, Inc.

SMTP, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMTP) became a leader in commercial and consumer email delivery in the ’90s, and it continues to be a market leader for mass-email delivery. That’s why Sharpspring founder Rick Carlson says the merger will be beneficial.

“Email delivery is core to what we do, and SMTP knows email,” he said in a statement. “SMTP brings us literally decades of email delivery expertise.”

STMP’s publicly traded status will also give Sharpspring more access to capital, increasing its ability to grow.

“As a combined company, we will be able to use our deeper pockets to build the very best marketing automation,” Carlson said.

The merger appears to line up with Sharpspring’s growth curve. Although Sharpspring has only been on the market for about a year, more than 200 marketing agencies have signed on to use its automated marketing services.

Carlson said that in the near future, the company plans to roll out a platform that integrates Gmail and SMTP email. In the last quarter, the company launched dozens of features including shopping cart integration, dynamic Web content and multivariate testing.

Although the changes may appear drastic at first glance, Carlson insists it won’t alter the mission of the company.

“Despite the ‘NASDAQ’ credentials, do not be fooled,”Carlson said. “SMTP is a small innovative tech company like SharpSpring, and they are built with the same customer-focused DNA.”


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