Local Start-Up Revolutionizes Contact Sharing

By: Renae Cromwell

“Welcome to our nest” reads the door mat outside of the small office on the second floor of the Florida  Innovation Hub at UF. Inside the office sits the “flock,” a team headed by two young self-proclaimed innovation revolutionaries who launched their own company at the age of 20.

Welcome to Feathr.

Feathr co-founders Aidan Augustin and Neal Ormsbee are working on their goal of becoming millionaires by 25– even if it means a few more years of eating Raman noodles.

During a networking event for an internship, Augustin realized that none of the  young entrepreneurs present had a consistent and simple way to share their contact information. So he came up with one and enlisted the help of Ormsbee, his roommate of three years.

The Feathr app creates interactive digital business cards and makes information sharing simple. “We wanted to develop a clean and effective way to share not only your contact information, but also digital media content in a touch-oriented manner so it is actionable” says Augustin.

Feathr business cards can auto fill your information, including a photo, when connected to social media. Feathr will automatically sync new contacts to your phone’s contact list and draft follow-up emails, show when and where you met the person and store notes that you took at the time. The app also pushes your updated information to anyone who has your Feathr card anytime you update it.

The name Feathr comes from the saying “birds of a feather flock together” and the idea that connections are crucial in business. “The point is relationships, and we think that we can help people build stronger ones,” said Augustin.

Similar apps, such as Bump, are on the market, but Feath takes interactive business cards a step further. “We re-imagined what business cards are and made it easy for people to do something with the information you give them,” Augustin says. Your contact information and social media links are laid out on one screen, and you can make an instant connection with just one click.

At the Hub, the “flock” has access to a slew of professional resources including potential investors, mentors and lawyers. The Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce and the UF Department of Conferences have agreed use Feathr as the preferred information-sharing method at their events.

The app is still in the testing phase, but the co-founders hope to launch it early next year.

You can become involved with Feathr now by contributing to the company’s crowdfunding campaign that is helping finish developing the app and adding features. Perks for your contribution include anything from VIP access to Feathr’s private beta app, Feathr Swag, to exposure for your brand.

Inspirational posters and quotes decorate Feathr’s space. The quote of Jamie Grooms, co-founder and former CEO of RTI Biologics and Axogen, stands out: “Innovation is war,” which serves as a reminder that while the Feathr staff of six is having fun now, the life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one.

To learn more about Feathr, visit their website http://www.feathrapp.com/

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