Local Business Owner Taps into Inner Beauty

watched her go from working for someone else to working for herself to launching her own salon,” reflects Tiffany Thomas as she talks about Tawanna Baker, owner of BeyouTeeful Obsession. BeyouTeeful Obsession is a make up beauty bar and spa which opened in September 2015, and Ms. Thomas has been a customer before the doors opened. Ms. Thomas feels that her confidence and self esteem have grown tremendously due to the services she receives at the spa.

Tawanna Baker started doing make up several years ago when she began to realize that her outer appearance affected her inner feelings. She remembers some mornings she would wake up feeling a little down but after spending some time doing her make up and selecting a favorite outfit from her closet, she felt like a new woman before walking out the door. “The outside is just the beginning,” admits Ms. Baker but it gives that boost and energy to do the work that we need to beautify the inside.

As Ms. Baker did this inner work on herself, she has built the confidence to open her own business. She wanted to share this magic with other women and encourages them to be themselves. Ms. Baker says that it is important for women to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. She offers services that enhance the exterior including microblading, make overs and lash extensions, but encourages women to work on their inner beauty as well.

Ms. Baker’s philosophy on beauty is obviously making a difference, her business and clientele have grown significantly.

Amber Lewis proclaims, “If you don’t come here, you’re missing out!” Ms. Lewis, is an author and lives in New York, she found BeyouTeeful Obsession online and now travels to Gainesville every 3-4 months to receive services at the beauty bar and spa. Ms. Lewis further states that it was the name that really caught her attention.

When asked about the unique spelling of BeyouTeeful (beautiful), Tawanna explains that she loves the word beautiful but wanted it to be unique. She says, “I chose ‘be you’ because when you are yourself, you are most beautiful.” And Tee is her childhood nickname and she wanted her company to reflect the personal touch and time she invests in each customer. Tawanna added that the work she does and services that she provides helps women to look their best, feel their best and be their best.

By Virginia Grant

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