Leadership Workshops Continue

The Office of Professional and Workforce Development at the University of Florida is offering an Inspiring Women Leaders After Conference Virtual Social on April 17 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm EST.

The Department hosted its 3rd Annual Conference in early March and is inviting attendees to re-engage with those met at the conference, and enjoy an hour of social networking.  The event is free, however space is limited to the first 25 participants to sign up. This will allow for small break-out rooms for discussions.

The discussions will revolve around these four topics.

  1.     What is the most effective stress busting technique you have used during the current coronavirus crisis?
  2.     What productivity method have you discovered that allows you to focus on and accomplish your daily work?
  3.     What will you do differently from this point forward as a result of personal or professional take-aways during the current coronavirus crisis?
  4.     What do you need that this group can help you with?


Can’t join the Virtual Social hour on April 17th? There are more opportunities to connect and engage in professional development opportunities: 

Now is the time to take advantage of our new, 90-minute virtual series targeting issues everyone is facing right now. Led by instructor Jennifer Webb, the 3 sessions are only $59 or you can register for any one session for $25 each. We are limiting the number of attendees to 30 per session, to facilitate engaging discussions.



April 22– Innovative Solutions when Everything Changes

With a new normal, how can we become more innovative and solution-driven.

Take-aways include how to:

  •   Use Idea Sprinting to formulate ideas in directions you’ve never thought of, to come up with new solutions
  •   Learn an innovative formula for questioning assumptions and how to create predetermined criteria to test new ideas
  •   Understand the language you’re thinking, taking out expressions like “It is what it is” or “that’s just nonsense”
  •   Create new approaches to creative solutions i.e. can it extend the customer experience or help you socialize in new ways with your customer/client



April 30–Speak Like a Pro…Virtually (and in person)

In today’s “new normal,” it’s more important than ever before that you make a great impression when you speak, especially if it’s virtual.

Take-aways include how to:

  •   Make a great first impression and command the room, all from your laptop or tablet
  •   Know the absolute “musts” for Zoom meetings, what will make you look bad and what tips help you stand out from the crowd
  •   Energize your audience and using interactive tools to keep everyone engaged and participating



May 7–Skills to Stay Motivated and Focused 

During a time of crisis it’s critical to stay motivated in order to influence others.

Take-aways include how to:

  •   Create new mental routines, as habitual creatures simply adapting new routines can exponentially influence our outcomes
  •   Create a willingness-attitude, a willingness to look at things from a different perspective-it is how we let go of the old and work successfully with the “new normal”
  •   Utilize the Minute-by-Minute philosophy. It is essential to focus on the present, and that can be a challenge. Learn techniques to maintain present focus in order to be more energized and productive
  •  Let go of fear and generate appreciation in order to attract opportunities


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