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Greater Gainesville has plenty of eating establishments that combine the concepts of food, sports and entertainment. Ok, so I know you guys are expecting me to pick a place like Loosey’s or House of Beer. Yes, both are wonderful places to grab some libations and watch some good ol’ fashioned sports ball. Yes, both are solid establishments. But my pick would have to go to Beque Holic, and hear me out on this one! This cook-it-yourself Korean BBQ joint located in the former Stonewood location (and previously housed the short-lived and horribly run Shila BBQ) is more than just a place to catch a game on one of their many TVs, it’s an entertaining and interactive experience.

The menu allows diners to choose from several all-you-can-eat options that range in price based on the variety of meat, or order a la carte. What’s better than grilled meats and a giant pitcher of beer while watching the Gators take down an opponent?

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Korean BBQ, you are given a choice of meats that range from pork belly, chicken or squid, to thinly sliced brisket, bulgogi, and everyone’s favorite; galbi (beef short ribs in a sweet marinade). The meats are brought to you tableside along with a variety of bottomless sides that include dumplings, wasabi radish, kimchi, and sweet potato noodles. Think a DIY version of Yamato minus the onion volcanoes.

Beque Holic has plenty of TVs, too, and most importantly; no time limits on dining. So enjoy an endless barrage of meats, beer, and ballgame. Besides, if your significant other or friend-who-hates-sports tags along, you can always put them on meat cooking duties.

by Ken Peng

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