Keeping Things Clean and Pristine with Jorge Villalobos – The Best Restoration & Floor Care

Jorge Villalobos of The Best Restoration & Floor Care has been working in the cleaning industry for the last 20 years and continues to serve the people of Gainesville with persistence and consistency.

Villalobos was born and raised in Colombia. In 1999, he moved to Fort Lauderdale where he first began learning English. He got his first job as a driver and was exposed to American culture through conversations with his customers. He then started working for companies in the carpet cleaning industry doing carpet repairs and restorations. 

In 2004, Villalobos moved to Gainesville and didn’t know much about the town. It wasn’t long before he became aware of the university’s economic impactGainesville houses over 50,000 college students and hundreds of apartment complexesand realized the potential Gainesville had for his business. 

“I only had one truck, one machine, and a lot of dreams,” when Villalobos moved to Gainesville.

“I never expected that this size of a city and all these students’ apartments were gonna give me all the work that I have right now.”

With over 35 carpet cleaning companies in Gainesville, the highly saturated market only strengthened Villalobos to continue his career and excel in it. He advises others to always stay true to their own goals and ignore people who criticize them.

“Don’t let other people tell you that you can’t. If you had it in your mind and heart, go ahead and do it.”

This positive mindset prompted Villalobos to open his own business in 2006. A major factor that has contributed to the success of his business has been his devotion to his customers. Back in Colombia, he used to work in the banking industry where he acquired strong organizational skills and learned how to maintain good customer relationships. He now makes it an effort to remember every single customer and keep a detailed track of every project.

“I want to remember the details, what exactly happened in their house, how much equipment was left there, and who was my technician there. So when someone calls, I have all that information.”

For Villalobos, the key to building a business is in the small details. After every project, he sends a follow-up with the client either via letter or in person. He believes in maintaining persistency and consistency and enjoys making an impact on his clients with the ‘little things’. Through this approach, Villalobos has discovered his passion for helping others and wanting to be a part of other people’s lives. 

“If I can impact just one person to tell them how grateful you have to be… that is enough.”

Listen to the 118th episode of WHOA GNV podcast to hear more about Jorge Villalobos’s story and how he maintains the right mindset for business.

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