Iteris VantageLive! Chosen for Smart Transportation Initiative

The City of Gainesville, in conjunction with the University of Florida (UF), has awarded a one-year initial contract to implement VantageLive! By Iteris, Inc., the global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture. The cloud-based intersection data analytics service will be located at 20 locations in the city.  

The agreement is part of a wider initiative to harness the power of advanced transportation technology around the University of Florida campus, where students and teachers will be closely monitoring the software as part of the City of Gainesville and UF partnership.

With VantageLive!, city staff will be able to view intersection activity through the continuous collection and analysis of vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian data. And because it is built on existing Iteris detection infrastructure, higher-cost manual data collection efforts will be reduced, saving money, while allowing traffic engineers to quickly make optimization and prioritization improvements to city roads, sidewalks, bike paths and other modes of transportation.

“As part of our partnership of advanced technology initiative, we are excited to offer Gainesville traffic engineers and UF researchers the ability to differentiate between multimodal road users via VantageLive!’s intuitive interface,” said Emmanuel Posadas, traffic operations manager at the City of Gainesville. “The success and accuracy of Iteris’ Vantage and SmartSpan solutions at the city’s intersections give us full confidence that VantageLive! will help improve safety for road users in the area, as well as giving our engineers vital insights into multimodal activity.”

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