It Is Time To Return To Celebration Pointe Movies!

The coronavirus pandemic has had an adverse impact on everyone. Perhaps nobody has been impacted more than the movie theater industry. Gainesville movies have been shut down for a long time, leaving many people wondering what they are going to do to freshen up their date night. Now, Celebration Pointe movies are ready to open once again, with Regal Cinemas 10 returning to business! So, if you are looking to switch up your date night just a bit, consider spending a night at the movies! What do you need to keep in mind?

Safety Measures at a Movie Theater Gainesville FL

First, understand that safety is the top priority when it comes to Gainesville movies. There are several important requirements that all patrons have to know. These include:

  • Masks: Everybody has to make sure they wear a mask when they are at the movies. Not just in the lobby or the concession stand, but also while watching the film. Unless you are actively eating or drinking, masks must be worn. This means a mask that covers the nose and mouth.
  • Keep your distance: Social distancing is going to be enforced at the Regal in Gainesville. Seats surrounding parties won’t be allowed for purchase to enforce social distancing.
  • Clean hands: There will be hand sanitizer dispensers available everywhere. Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands when they walk in and out of the movie theater.

These are a few important safety measures everyone has to understand if they are going to a Gainesville movie theater.

New Movies Are Returning to a Gainesville Movie Theater Near You

Since most movie theaters in Gainesville, FL have been closed for several months, some people might be wondering if they will be able to enjoy new releases. Thankfully, there are new releases that are coming to the big screen. Regal Cinemas plans to show a wide variety of movies that have been released during the past few months. Therefore, anyone who may have missed out on a movie during the pandemic will have the opportunity to see it now, in all the surround sound, widescreen glory!

Enjoy Everything that Gainesville Has To Offer with Gainesville Movies

With Celebration Pointe movies opening once again, why not make a night out to the movies into the classic date night? If you are looking for a way to switch up your date night, you should take advantage of everything that Gainesville has to offer. There are also exceptional restaurants that are opening their doors for dining service once again, some of them just steps away from Regal Cinemas 10! Take advantage of a traditional dinner and a movie date night! It has probably been a long time since you and your significant other were able to get out on the town like this!

Get Ready To Enjoy Regal Cinemas 10 Once Again

Without a doubt, it has been a long time since Regal Cinemas has been open in Gainesville, FL. Now, everyone is ready to return to the big screen, with the right safety measures in place and the right movies on the screen. If there is a movie that you want to take in, take a look at what is playing now! Then, plan your next night out with your family members and friends!

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