Investing in your community can provide dividends to your business

Individuals typically do business with people that they know, like, and trust. This axiom was proven to me during my time working as a business development professional in the construction industry. This principal is played out each and every day on social media platforms. Employees want to work for an organization that is ethical, has integrity, and gives back to the community, and customers want to support organizations that also exemplify these values. When values are aligned for both the employee and the business they work for, they become the brand ambassadors for that organization. Out in the community, the business or organization is not only meeting a need for a certain cause or charity but also bringing value to the community as a whole.

While we often see mid-sized and large businesses taking on charity or social engagement projects that align with their values, what about small and mid-sized businesses that don’t have as many resources but would also like to give back? Can they become engaged in their community and see a return on their investment of time and talent?

If your budget is small but your company’s heart is big, identify a group volunteer opportunity where all of your employees can work together in bringing about positive change. In Gainesville, there are numerous charities that you can partner with. Perhaps connect with the United Way or the Community Foundation of North Central Florida to help identify a non-profit organization that resonates with the values of your culture and explore the many ways you can help.

The return on investment for businesses practicing authentic and thoughtful social responsibility can have many positive impacts, from attracting better workforce talent to energizing and engaging current employees who provide more quality customer interactions which can result in increased profitability.

“Research and data speak to the positive effects of social responsibility for companies, whether big or small,” says Julieanne McGuinness of Crosslinear Consulting. “Essentially, we don’t have a commerce structure if we don’t have social responsibility.”

Join the FPRA Gainesville Chapter on July 20 to hear more about how social responsibility can result in return on investment for your brand, presented by Crosslinear Consulting’s Head of Operations and Intellectual Capital Julieanne McGuinness. For more information, please visit


By Patricia Krogh

Patricia Krogh currently serves on the FPRA Gainesville Chapter Board as the director of communications and has been the manager of public relations and communications for Haven since 2013.

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