Internal Communications: Improve Your Company Culture with Branding

Your brand is a vital marketing tool, but have you thought about its influence on your company’s culture? Effectively branded internal communications have the power to motivate and unify your employees, and might even make them better customer service representatives. The trick is creating an internal communications plan that is both strategic and authentic.

Establish A Clear Vision

If you asked your employees what your company’s vision is, would they be able to answer? Your vision statement is just one aspect of your brand that is critical to motivating employees by highlighting the greater purpose for their work. Providing your employees with a concise, clear statement about the goal they are working to achieve helps create an enhanced dedication to each role, and increases loyalty within your organization.

Use Relevant and Consistent Messaging

Establishing and communicating company values to your employees will help them represent your brand to customers, and facilitate everyday decision making. To effectively serve this purpose, your company’s values should be applicable to the day-to-day tasks of both leadership and operational roles.

Developing strong company values can attract top talent, reduce labor turnover, and improve customer service, but only if you foster a company culture where the values truly exist. Leadership must continuously set a strong example, and the message must be clearly and consistently communicated for employees to get on board.

Sport Your Colors

The visual aspects of your brand, such as your color and your logo, should be used to unify your team. Even if you don’t require a uniform, providing a branded water bottle, hat, or jacket can make your team feel appreciated, and create a sense of community. Using your logo and colors around your office, as well as decorations that are in line with your brand, will help your employees identify with your company, and feel a part of your team.

Create a Branded Intranet

For mid-sized to larger companies, an intranet facilitates internal communications and grants secure access to critical resources. They can also provide community-building opportunities. For instance, when Liquid Creative was redesigning Haven’s intranet, we interviewed the staff to find

out what features of their current intranet were important to them. Funnily enough, many enjoyed the daily comic that was posted, and began joking about the various cartoons they remembered. We made sure to keep this in the redesigned intranet, as it clearly added a small but not insignificant sense of camaraderie to the company culture.

Beyond this, interacting with a branded intranet reminds employees of your company’s values and their role in achieving the team’s goals. Using branded imagery of people working together, placing your vision statement in clear view, and showcasing your company values reinforces the company culture that you have worked to create.

By Caitlin Harder
Copywriter & Digital Marketing Strategist, Liquid Creative

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